Tuesday 9 June 2009

Nicole Richie LOVES Maxi dresses

Nicole Richie is known for her oversized statement sunglasses, she is also commonly known for wearing flowing maxi dresses.

When its comes to Maxi Dresses Nicole Richie breaks the 'maxi dress' rule for petite girls - as some stylists would advise petite girls to avoid flowing maxi dresses. Claiming that it will swomp your figure.

Yet Nicole Richie makes the maxi dress look flattering on her petite frame.
Nicole Richie is able to break the petite girls rule, as she almost always wears a pair of towering heels with her long dresses - this creates the illusion of height!

Do you have a favourite Nicole Richie maxi dress look?!

If you are looking for a long flowing dress for summer time, you will find them everywhere as they are now hugely popular!

This is my ultimate maxi dress for summer 2009 ..This stunning peacock print dress is by Rachel Pally and you can buy it for $249 from shopthetrendboutique.com

Here is a few of my favourite sites for maxi dresses..


For the ultimate Nicole Richie tie dye maxi dress check out Love Tanjane


Traci said...

Wow!! Lovely pictures and love all these maxi dresses!! Right choice for summers...

Bren said...

Hey Love do you know any of the designers of these maxi dresses?? PS I love this site read it everyday!!

lilkunta said...

Nicole is what 5' so even thought she wears her dresses with heels, does she alter them as well(shorten the dress length?). Because soemtimes she is casual in slippers so she doesnt have heel height and still her maxi dress doesnt drag on the ground or trip her up. PLEASE help as I'm short just like Nicole & I want to wear a maxi dress but I have wide feet so high high heels arent easy for me.