Tuesday 2 June 2009

Happy Birthday to Hayden Slater!

Hayden Slater is Nicole Richie's personal friend and it is his birthday today!

*Happy Birthday Hayden*

Nicole has shared these pictures of herself and Hayden ..
This picture is from their 2008 4th July beach celebrations. Nicole also tweeted..
"Happy 30th Birthday to @haydenslater. For his birthday I got him swim lessons. If I had a heart, I'd say I love you.... but....."
"I L- you @haydenslater. L is for "laugh at"
"I L.O.....athe @haydenslater"

Some of you may find Hayden familiar, as he is also a close friend of Mary Kate Olsen ..
Hayden is a regular Twitter user. He has some funny tweets!

I hope Hayden plans to party tonight!!


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Anonymous said...

He is also friend with the Madden boys. damn! It looks like when you're friend with either Nic, Joel or Benji, you become friend with the rest of them.