Saturday 30 May 2009

Nicole Richie's pet cat

We all know Nicole Richie has two dogs, Foxy Cleopatra and HoneyChild.
They are famous in their own right & both so cute! So it is easy to forget that Nicole Richie also has a pet cat.
Nicole Richie shared this picture via her Twitter of her cat named Gypsy Rose Lee ..Along with the picture Nicole Richie tweeted..
"Can someone tell this crazy bitch to get up? Its 2pm already!"

Keeping in theme with pet talk I have recently just got a Bunny named Lionel ..

He is sort of my first pet, i do have a dog but he lives with my parents.

My ideal pet would be a Pug or a Pomeranian.


Anonymous said...

your pets are great! love that you named your bunny after your dad. so cute


Thanks for the blog comment but i'm not Nicole, this is just a fansite.
I did name my Bunny after Lionel Richie but it is also a double serving name as my boyfriend has named it after Lionel Messi, the footballer :)

princess_kim said...

Aww I love your bunny he's so cute!

Was Gypsy Rose Lea Nicoles cat that feel from the apartment a few years ago? The poor little thing broke it's leg.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy Rose Lee is the name of a US burlesque dancer! I'm guessing she named her after that...


Interesting i never knew that!!

Yep i think this cat is the cat Nicole has had for years, she does look like an older cat.