Thursday 8 January 2009

Nicole Richie Arriving At The Wilshire Courtyard

Yesterday afternoon Nicole Richie was spotted Arriving At The Wilshire Courtyard.
Nicole Richie was pictured whilst using her Blackberry Bold mobile phone.
Nicole didn't look too happy ..
I am loving Nicole Richie's black minnetonka tassel inspired boots.
The gold studs make them really original from the standard ankle Minnetonka's.

With the cute ankle boots Nicole Richie wore a red patterned dress, navy sheer tights, black cardigan, a white bag and a black with white detail fedora hat.

It has been rumoured lately that Nicole Richie is planning to appear on the hit TV show Gossip Girl.
This rumour was around a while ago.
I guess we will have to wait and see if it is really true!

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Unknown said...

Does anyone know where these moccs are from? i contacted Minnetonka and sent them a picture and they said they didnt sell them with the studds on?