Tuesday 15 July 2008

Paris Hilton is NOT moving into Nicole's neighborhood

Many gossip websites are suggesting that Paris Hilton has moved in with Benji Madden into Nicole Richie's quiet Glendale neighborhood & Nicole is not very happy about this as Paris brings the paparazzi with her everywhere she goes.
Paris does not like this rumour at all and has set the record straight in her blog. This is what Paris has to say ..
"Once again, I am blown away by more lies that are going around, and wanted to clear them up with all of you. I'm sick of Page Six and other gossip sites printing completely false stories.
It's not fair because these lies then spread like wildfire online and people begin to believe they are true, just because they read the same story on so many different sites. I am tired of not commenting on the rumors I hear and I think it's fair for you to know the truth.

From now on I plan to address these when they come to my attention. I still do not know why these stories get so much circulation--they cross the line between silly tabloid gossip into hateful speculating.
They involve completely false rumors about not only what I allegedly do, but about the people in my personal life and family.
Page Six reported that I have moved into Benji's neighborhood, and that Nicole is upset by this...SO NOT TRUE! First of all, I don't even live in Glendale. Secondly, I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills--that's where I live.
I haven't been to Glendale in months. Where do they come up with this?
As most of you know, I moved away from my old--and very accessible-house because I was sick and tired of constant invasion of my private life.
I love my fans but I could not leave for a meeting or walk my dog without a camera pushing inside my front door on to personal property.
I feel so much happier and safer in my new home. I've been renovating it for the past year and totally made it my style.
I've seen pictures online that are supposedly the inside of my new home, but they're not. Those pictures were taken off a private real estate site from the previous owners' interior. The house looks so much different and it underwent such a big transformation into my dream home. I couldn't be happier! :)

So anyway, back to what I was saying: I am thankful that I know who my true friends and colleagues are, and I encourage my fans to ignore worthless stories like this. There is too much going on in the world, and in your own lives, to waste time reading lies. Such a disappointment but as always, you'll get the true story from me!"

I respect Paris for squashing this Richie-Hilton rumour, it is good to know that there is no drama going on between them and as she says it is sad that people are bothering to take the time to make these lies.

Much Love,
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Anonymous said...

If you do not like Paris, why are you commenting on her myspace blog? Hmm..


Because i respect her for making that blog ..

Anonymous said...

why is it that when people make rude comments they always seem to be anonymous, why don't they provide their own webpage, blog or email address. I think it's cowardly.

And i am happy that they aren't fighting, they were great on the simple life together.