Tuesday 15 July 2008

Nicole Richie chats about acting, babies & the dreaded paparazzi

Nicole Richie talks about her guest-starring role in sitcom “Chuck,” her daughter Harlow, and dealing with paparazzi on E!'s “Daily 10”

Regarding her guest-starring role on “Chuck,” Richie says: “I was so excited when I got the part because I've always wanted to act and this is such a great opportunity. It's such a great show, and the best actors and it's really funny. So I was so excited to do it. I'm really honored to be here.”

Regarding juggling motherhood and work Richie says: “Well it's actually been pretty easy coming here because I actually live right near the lot. And so Harlow just comes with me every day and she naps here. And in between takes I go and hang out with her and it's been really easy. The feeding schedule's a little bit difficult but I get used to it and she's loving it and everyone here loves her its so perfect!"

Regarding the paparazzi, Richie says: “I really try and not pay attention to it at all. I have my life and my circle of friends and I really just kind of try and always stay present in that, and not focus on all that other stuff 'cause it's all lies. I don't remember the last time I heard anything that was true. So I don't really focus on it, so in my world it doesn't really exist as weird as that sounds.”

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