Saturday 10 May 2008

Frustrated..US-UK Harper's Bazaar !

Firstly i should start by saying for those of you who don't know i'm from the UK.

So today i was out shopping and i thought i would get the new American Harper's Bazaar magazine for obvious reasons, of course.

As there is a British Harper's Bazaar i knew i would have to go to a shop that has large selection of magazine's to get this one the one i so desperatly wanted ..So i went to WhSmith's who usually stock every single magazine and all that i could find in there was the British Harper's Bazaar.

I then asked a shop worker and he told me to try the other WhSmith's, so i did.

I treked all the way across town and nope they only had the British version - i mean they had a magazine on the 'social network known as facebook' but no Harper's Bazaar!

I have walked all around Liverpool and can not find this magazine and now i feel frustrated and defeated that i can't think of anywhere else that may stock it.

Has anyone else bought this magazine?
I was thinking it may of not came out yet but i'm almost certain it has!

I would truly appreciate some help.
Much Love,
Nicole Richie News


Anonymous said...

Do you have borders in Liverpool? I'm in Glasgow but they should have it in the international magazine section or maybe in amopungst the gossip rags, try both sections.


Thats a good idea. We have a new borders opening soon so i shall have to look there!
Thanks. xx