Thursday 6 March 2008

Joel Madden's latest blog entry

Joel madden added a blog entry
to their website and this is what he had to say...
"..Sooooo its been awhile since i’ve blogged. i’ve been a little lost in harlow land…..shes growing to fast, everyday i wake up shes bigger!! So in the world of Good Charlotte and DCMA things are really great! Benj and i have started working on writing for the next record and we are siked.
I think the main feeling we have right now is that we miss our fans. We’ve been off the road for quite sometime, and we are ready for the next tour in South Africa/Europe, and we have a big suprise coming up for our fans in the US for the summer 08. But for now all we can really give the hardcore GC fans is pics on this blog, while we build the new GC site which is coming soon!
As we hang in the studio and talk i think we really miss the good old days of hanging outside of clubs talking to kids about life and music. Thats what this whole thing is about. We have many more of those days ahead as we plan the tours ahead. Now with little harlow in our lives, and Billy getting married life seems to have changed quite a bit, but Good Charlotte, we are still the same dudes that started this band in our bedrooms in highschool back in maryland. Its amazing. my band are still my best friends.
I swear i was choked up watching Billy and Linzi walk down the isle. What a great couple. So anyways, here are few snapshots of the last couple weeks. Cant wait for everyone to see what GC is up to next."
This picture of Joel Madden, Nicole Richie & friends is from the DCMA site.
For more pictures visit the DCMA collective blog at
I go to see GoodCharlotte April 7th, i really do hope Joel Madden "hangs outside the club."
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