Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nicole Richie running errands

Earlier this week (August 25th) Nicole Richie was spotted out at her local store in Laurel Canyon.

Nicole Richie was just picking up a few essentials before heading back to her car.
Nicole's pants look soo comfortable! - but she must be quite hot in that outfit in the Los Angeles weather!
I think these pictures may be the last pics we see of Nicole before she gives birth, as she has been very quiet lately. ~I hope Nicole and her family are all ok and doing well.

A rumour has been circulating the internet that Nicole Richie has gone into labour but Nicole's Mom Brenda Richie squashed the rumour by Twittering - "NICOLE IS NOT IN LABOR!"



Mel said...

wow, Nicole almost looks like she is carrying twins...Could be possible??? But, by the quiteness of the richie-maddens I would say within the next 72 hours we will find out:0
so exciting

Crystal said...

Any news about Nicole and the baby??

Unknown said...

I LOVE those pants! they look so comfy!

I've just done a post on Nicole Richie and i'd love you to check it out x

For all things fashion:

lilkunta said...

Nic looks a mess. Those pants are too big. She coulda stepped on them & fell.

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