Tuesday 20 February 2024

NRichieNews Returns


So where do I begin?

My last blog post was in 2017, wow! 

A lot has changed since then, I got Married, had 2 kids, moved out of the City and now live a much quieter life.

One thing that has not changed is that I am still a fan of all things Nicole Richie. 

She has also evolved so much in her style and way of life since I first started covering all of her appearances back in 2006. 

I am back in a new capacity with NRichieNews, I plan to rekindle my love for blogging and covering Nicole’s fashion. It may not be in such a full on way as prior, life with 2 kids is a little hectic at times but I’ve discovered it’s essential for me to make some time for my passions and NRichieNews is still very much one of them.

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