Wednesday 6 November 2013

Nicole Richie shares her vintage secrets with VOGUE

Nicole Richie recently took some time out & invited none other than the legendary publication Vogue into her closet and then on for a spot of vintage shopping in Los Angeles. 
Nicole shares a few vintage shopping loves with Vogue:

  • Surveying a pile of new acquisitions that includes a satiny seventies top, about a half-dozen Indian print dresses from the same era, and a fancy Chinese embroidered jacket, "I don’t look at it as having bought seven things, All the dresses count as one, and then the satin top counts as one, and the jacket is one—so it really counts as three things." 

  • For special evening occasions Nicole Richie heads to her favourite vintage frocks with labels like Ossie Clark and Zandra Rhodes (she is a major fan of British new wave designers, circa 1976).

  • On the 70's era: “I love the overall freedom of that time, the freedom of dressing back then!” Richie says. “The idea of clashing didn’t exist. I am a huge fan of classic rock, and I love the relationship between the music and the clothes.”

  • Her passion for vintage stems from her Mother who handed down to her vintage treasures to name just a few; a deep scarlet pearl-encrusted Zandra Rhodes confection, a daisy-dappled YSL, a Thea Porter jacket with a military air and a surfeit of Puccis, which Richie collects because “they fit me like a glove. I am attracted to color—I don’t get a lot of black pieces.”

  • Nicole Richie is also a fan of collecting vintage jewels. In Richie's closet there is trays groan with signed jewelry, heavy on the Herm├Ęs, heavier still on the Chanel. “I’ve been collecting jewelry for as long as I remember—House of Harlow started with jewelry,” Richie explains. A Chanel dog collar (an original intended for a genuine canine) is wrapped around her wrist twice, next to the Cartier Love bracelet she never takes off. Stacks of fitted cases house a sunglass universe that appears to number in the thousands. 

Read more of Nicole's interview with Vogue here.



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