Saturday 17 December 2011

Nicole Richie Skype's NRichieNews

I was lucky enough to receive a Skype call from Nicole Richie this week. We chatted about her brands, her pending move to Australia and my hair! Check out the interview below.

NRN: It's been almost 2 years since our last chat when I met you at Selfridges. Your brands Winter Kate & House Of Harlow 1960 are doing extremely well! What can we expect next from you as a designer?
NR: It's important for me to take my time on each category, and give each business it's own identity, so right now i'm really focused on making each category the best version of itself. We've been pulling in different leathers and different hardware for the handbags. We are really focusing in on making everything the best version of itself.

NRN: We know that you are a big lover of scarves! Is this something you would add to your collection?
NR: Scarves are coming! They are coming very soon.

NRN: Tons of celebs have been spotted wearing House Of Harlow & Winter Kate. If you could pick any celeb to wear your brands, who would it be?
NR: I actually get more excited when I see a woman walking down the street wearing my stuff and she has no idea that it's mine. One time I was at my children's school and I saw another Mom wearing a Winter Kate blouse and she had no idea that it was mine, that was very exciting! That's when I get the most excited, but i'm not going to lie, i've seen Madonna and Rihanna wearing my jewellery .. I get pretty effin excited!

NRN: We've heard a little about your plans to move to Australia, can you tell us anymore on this?
NR: Well I don't have a lot of information because Joel is your typical man and doesn't really give me a ton of details. But i've said this before, Sydney is my favourite City! So i'm so excited to go there and spend time there! I've spent so much time there before so I know the city pretty well and i'm excited to just take some time off and move to Australia because it's beautiful there!

NRN: How exciting! Do you know when you will be moving to Oz?
NR: I'v heard so many different months! I won't go as the same time he (Joel) will, we are going to figure it out when it works for my schedule.

NRN: We know that you are going to be on Fashion Star very soon! Do you have any more TV appearances lined up?
NR: I don't right now, Fashion Star comes out in 3 months and i'm really excited about it and I hope that everyone is going to enjoy the show. Elle Mcphareson is great! John Varvatos and I got really close, it was the first time that i'd ever met him and ever worked with him. He's just the epitome of cool! He loves Rock and Roll and he loves music, so we bonded over that, he's just the coolest guy on the planet! Jessica Simpson who is also on the show is great, i've known her for years. I'm excited for America to get to see the business side of her because she's a very smart business woman.

NRN: If you could guest star in any Television show, what would it be?
NR: Good question! I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan so that would be exciting for me. What other shows do I watch right now… My friend recommended 'Breaking Bad' to me last week and i've seen 1 episode, that's really cool. But i'd have to watch a few more episodes before deciding if i'd love a guest spot on it. But I don't really watch TV here in the day, so it's more just the TV shows that I Tivo or happen to catch late at night.

NRN: We know that you have a busy schedule, but when you have a bit of down time what websites do you visit?
NR: I'm a big Net-A-Porter visitor. I'm not on the computer a-lot but when I do, I go to a lot of fashion websites such as WhoWhatWear which is run by my friend Katherine. Sometimes when I'm watching TV i like to Wikipedia people, the other night I found myself Googleing James Earl Jones for about an hour, because Coming To America was on. So it really depends on the night, but I do like to read a lot and like to have a lot of information about whatever is infront of me so I just like to read up on whatever is around me or in my life.

NRN: It's Christmas soon! What's on your wish-list?
NR: I've been asking for Art, but other than that I don't even know if i've truly wanted anything for the past few years. It's definitely different once you have kids. You want them to experience it. I've got my health, my family and my friends.. I feel very blessed. For me Christmas is my favourite holiday and I love watching my kids open their presents and take that all in.

NRN: Would you like anymore kids, any time soon?
NR: Definetely not any time soon, i'm working away right now and I don't want to get overwhelmed but you never know what the future holds, I can't make that decision. It's really whatever gods plan is.

NRN: Can you name a favourite outfit from 2011 which you've worn to an event?
NR: I've been wearing a lot of Julien MacDonald and really enjoying his dresses. I've actually been wearing a lot of British designer's this year. I've had fun just dressing up and i always enjoy a beautiful gown and love paying attention to the details, the construction and the fabric. So it's hard for me to pick a favourite because I really appreciate the work that goes into all of them.

NRN: It's almost 2012! Is there any trends you will be wearing in the new year?!
NR: Hmm i'm not familiar with any trends. But I do love the pink tips, do you still have them? (I previously posted a picture of myself on Twitter to Nicole wearing her brands with my pink dip dyed hair) I think it's so pretty! I want to do it so bad, but I think the jig is up for me, i'm 30 and i can't do it! But if I do you were my inspiration because I do like your pink tips. My friend Simone dyed her hair pink and it looked beautiful on her! So a part of me does want to do it and my daughter's favourite colour is pink but Joel has pink hair right now, so we can't be like the pink hair duo! So when he's over it, maybe i'll do something!

NRN: Can you tell us a typical day for 'Nicole Richie' when you aren't busy working?
NR: When i'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family. But at the moment i'm working every day in between Winter Kate, House Of Harlow, my novel, the fashion star show. I normally get up at around 5.30am and I just have some time for myself and gather my thoughts together and figure out what i'm going to focus on for the day. Then the rest of my family wakes up, I cook everybody breakfast and then get on with my work day!

NRN: We hope you had a lovely 30th Birthday! Did you get the Birthday gifts from NRichieNews?
NR: I did, thank you! Did you not get my thank you note? (I think it got lost in the royal mail postal service) Belinda! I sent you a long thank you note! Saying that I wear the scarf all the time and I love my pen! I did a whole a letter! I'm mortified now because I wrote you a long thank you note!

NRN: Looking back at your wedding day, if you could pick a best dressed guest, who was it?
NR: It's so hard to choose! My kids were the best dressed!

NRN: I have a lot of fans asking me if you will be visiting different countries, do you have any plans to do any public appearances in the new year?
NR: Absolutely! I'll definitely be doing some public appearances whilst i'm in Australia. I travel all the time, so sometimes I get short notice of a new public appearance in my schedule. But I love to travel and I plan to be doing a lot of that. It's really important for me to do public appearances instores for Winter Kate & House Of Harlow 1960 and I ask to do them so much, because it's really important for me to come face to face with my customers. It's important for me to see how people are wearing things and what they are drawn to. What their favourite pieces are and what pieces they don't like so much. It's important for me to have some perspective for that and that's why i like to do so many.

Thank you so much to Nicole for chatting with NRichieNews!



Anna said...

thank you Belinda!! :)

Nini said...

Wow, that chat must haven been great, what an opportunity!

Thank you for sharing the transcript with us. But do you plan to post a video of the chat online, or bits of it?

I would so love to see and hear Nicole talk. :)



Unfortunately i don't, it was agreed beforehand to share the interview as a transcript rather than a video. I'm glad you like the interview. x

Ashley Kaila said...

Such a lovely interview. Loved it! Thanks so much for posting it.

Jeanne said...

Thank you Belinda ! Your questions were very relevant ;)

Oh I can't wait to see the scarves !

Kimberly said...

This is so much fun; thanks for sharing! I'm especially excited to learn that Nicole will be launching scarves in her next collection. No doubt they will be gorgeous.

Lindsey said...

Thanx for posting the interview!! it must have been amazing speaking to her!!I'm so excited for the scarves :)

Ksy said...

I from Poland, I love Nicole! Thanks for your blog :)

Judy said...

Great interview, thank you for including a question I sent to you :)
So glad to hear that she loves the presents!! <3 Well maybe the thank you note will be delivered someday, I really hope you get it!


Kevin said...

Much love to you and Nicole for this interview. Your site is great. Nicole obviously cares a lot about her supporters!

Lonnie Senstock said...

Well we adore Nicole's taste, her value to her kids, and the person she is today. Good work Nicole & we love your designs. BTW...the scarfs!? We wear scarfs all the time. Will you please design some scarfs for MEN?


Lonnie Senstock said...

Nicole we love your designs and were wondering if you already do, or have/are designing scarfs for MEN? I wear them all the time, and would love some from your ideas? Love the interview and we value you as a business woman, MOTHER, a good mom you are! And we adore you period!


Anna said...

She says that she wears the scarf all the time but we haven't seen it yet! Can't wait for a pic with the scarf or the jewellery! :)

Lonnie Senstock said...

I look around constantly for MENS line/scarfs and just have not been able to really find a 'line' I can buy/like. So Nicole...I'm putting that info to you so you can come up w/some magical MENS scarf lines!

xo's and Happy Holidays!