Sunday 27 November 2011

Nicole Richie and family to move to Australia

Nicole Richie will be returning to Australia next year, but this time it won't be a whirlwind visit - it looks like the Richie-Madden's will be settling in Sydney, Australia for part of 2012.
As Nicole's husband Joel Madden will be a judge and mentor on the new Australian show 'The Voice', he say's Nicole wants to be there to be a part of The Voice.

Check out the interview below with Joel dishing all the details on their move to Oz.

So exciting for the Richie-Madden family! As we know Nicole is a huge music fan and once aspired to be a singer I am sure she is super excited for Joel to be a part of The Voice.



Nicole Richie Source said...

SO excited for this!

Anna said...

Wow I love this family! But I guess we'll miss photos of Nicole!

When will The Voice start?


I've just been reading on The Voice Australia facebook page and people are speculating it to start around March 2012.

Anna said...


Anonymous said...

It said the auditions will start taping on February and the live shows expected on April.