Monday 10 October 2011

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie leaving the salon

Nicole Richie stepped out of the Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood (10th October) with a shorter choppy hair-do!

Nicole Richie wore an all black outfit, skinny Isabel Marant navajo inspired jeans, black blazer, Givenchy bag and Givenchy sandals. Nicole completed the look with a pair of stunning House Of Harlow 1960 shades.

What do you think of Nicole Richie's Isabel Marant Navajo inspired jeans, I am normally a huge fan of anything that Nicole wears.. this i'm not too sure.


Img source - Eyeprime.


Anonymous said...

this pants are horrible!


I think Nicole looks great, the print for some reason isn't flattering and I am a big fan of the whole native american trend that's going on right now.

Anonymous said...

She didn't take that much length off, the main difference is the addition of layers, she'd look nice with a bob at the length of the layers.:)
Not a fan of the pants though.

Anonymous said...

I quite like the pants! Even though I am sure they only look good in a small size as the pattern might add pounds. I think it's cool she wore it on Columbus Day! Many Americans think it is ironic to celebrate Columbus' arrival in the US as it was the beginning of the ending for all the native americans... I don't know, do you think it might be a political statement?

Anonymous said...

I like them but there are two problems with it. She has such short legs, that the pants are bunching at the ankles which isn't cute. And I don't like that she paired them with cut-out booties. The pattern of her shoes with the pattern of the pants looks too busy.

Jayme said...

main difference is the bangs anonymous #2. silly!

Anonymous said...

Nicole always had bangs, she just had them but a bit shorter. The layers are the main difference. duh!