Monday 26 September 2011

Nicole Richie's Cabo break

Nicole Richie was snapped again this week enjoying the sun in Cabo San Lucas.
Nicole Richie wore a blue Eres bikini on the beach with friends.

She later lunched with Ashlee and Jessica Simpson.

And then returned to her private Villa with friends.

It looks like Nicole had a wonderful time on her 30th Birthday girly holiday.


Img source - Zimbio&DailyMail.


Anonymous said...

I've already noticed that her boobs were bigger but I thought she was wearing push-ups, but now seeing her in a bathing suit, it seems that she had a boob job. Am I wrong? I'm not judging, I think she looks very beautiful as always!

Janelle said...

well she could be like some women (like me), when they gain weight it goes straight to the boobs and butt. And I have noticed shes gained a little weight, which in her case she can afford. She isnt over weight or under weight, shes a perfect weight for her!

Anonymous said...

US Weekly is reporting that she got a boob job, and they certainly look like implants in this particular picture. They look great though.

Anonymous said...

Whatever she did (or did not lol) her breast looks very natural and well-proportioned !

Anonymous said...

I noticed them looking bigger weeks ago but thought it was just a push-up bra too. Now seeing them in a bathing suit, it does look like she had an augmentation. I wouldn't blame her. Breastfeeding totally kills the tata's! lol