Wednesday 11 May 2011

Nicole Richie appearance at Nordstrom San Fran

Nicole Richie attended Nordstrom in San Francisco (10th May) to meet and greet fans and present her clothing and accessory brands.
Nicole Richie looked wonderful in a red mini dress by Satine and scrapped back hair.
It seems like the event was a big hit and many Nicole Richie fans attended to show their support for Nicole.

Stephanie Moran shared some of her pictures with NRichieNews from event at Nordstrom.

Sherra Berchem was also lovely enough to share her pictures from the Nicole Richie event with us!


Img source - Twitter, Sherra and Stephanie


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute. That dress is great on her. She looks really good in that red.

Anonymous said...

wowee! When did she get super skinny again?? Her boobs deflated and her rib cage is showing! Shes still pretty though! :-D

Amanda Darzi said...

She's absolutely adorable! she looked fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

Ohlalala the dresses are amazing !
I love the floral print of the famous Kimono dress and the "bustier" dress (I don't how you say it in english) !!