Friday 22 April 2011

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie leaving The Tracy Anderson Gym

Mrs Madden was snapped leaving her regular gym class at the Tracy Anderson studio's in Los Angeles yesterday (21st April).

Nicole wore a grey washed out tee, black leggings, House Of Harlow shades and she carried her Balenciaga.

Img source-Zimbio


Nini said...

I first saw this pics on x17online - I know - but I don't get those nasty comments... you see a woman working out. So what? Her hair is frizzy? What about yours, when you get out of the gym?
Picking on those little unimportant things just reveals unsecurities in the commentator...
A pic of Nicole leaving the gym prevents me from forgetting MY work out.Yes these pics inspire me to hold on and it will pay out... :)


Lovely comment Nini :)
I doubt many people look as good as Nicole when leaving the gym.
If i had people taken pictures of me after the gym it would be hilarious haha. I think Nicole looks great. x

Ann said...

I don't get the nasty comments on x17 too!! They always write nasty things about Nicole and that's not right... they sould leave her alone. maybe it is because that open letter to x17 back in October?
I don't like that site at all...

(sorry, I know that you were talking about the workout)