Tuesday 12 April 2011

Nicole Richie - The Next Oprah ?

The latest gossip to hit the Nicole Richie rumour mill is that she is set to start her own daytime talk show.

Do take this story with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed and it has come from a gossip rag, but I do quite like the idea!
It has been suggested that Nicole Richie is in talks to host her own chat show, the show will consist of fashion, parenting tips, celebrity guests and chat show advice.

Nicole Richie is no stranger of television and she was even a guest co-host on The View earlier this year.

A 'source' has revealed that Nicole is currently shooting a pilot for the show!

What are your thoughts on Nicole hosting her own chat show!?

I think it sounds fun - she has an endearing personality which I think is a great quality for a television host!



Nini said...

Wow, I totally love the idea. I'm eagerly waiting to see Nicole return back to the screen and lets us have a glimpse on her life (a least her public persona).
But whatever is the plan (tv show, comedy, next Oprah):

I would definitely watch it!

Lilsi said...

This is something I'd watch. But there were rumors of her getting a talk show like after Harlow was born and I think she said she had no intention of doing one. Just like there were talks of a reality show into her home life that were just false gossip.

While I'd watch the show, I don't think it's something she should really pursue. She has two fashion lines and said another book will be coming out and then there's the sitcom for NBC she's working on. I don't think she should put too much on her plate cause her kids won't be this small again. They can only get so much from the nanny.

Jasmine said...

I totally love her, but not on talk shows. When she co-hosted she was too dull acting. Shes better on shows like the simple life or some type of unscripted reality show, thats where her true personality shines.

Anonymous said...

Wow,totally agree with lilsi! She already has sucessful clothing lines and books that take her all over the world! If she took on a talk show she'd never have REAL family time, which I know nicole is ALL about, so I think this is false, at least I hope.

Anna said...

'the simple life' was scripted, but I agree with Jasmine! i love Nicole's sense of humor, i LOVED her on 'the simple life' and i want to see her in something funny like 'the simple life was'.