Sunday 17 April 2011

Nicole Richie - Coachella over the years

Coachella is pretty much an event not to be missed by anyone who lives in the United States and over the years Nicole Richie has been a loyal attendee.

Check out the pictures below to see Nicole's past Coachella festival outfits.

The one key item Nicole Richie ALWAYS takes to Coachella is cut off denim shorts and statement sunglasses!



fashionismyh2o said...

Nicole just manages to look absolutely gorgeous always! Especially at Coachella - I've just featured her Coachella style on my 'look for less' section.

I think denim cuttoffs are such a great versatile piece to own they can go with everything :)

Great post it's cool to see her look evolve :)


Andrea said...

extreme skinny - to healthy weight.
Love the way she looks now!

Nini said...

Thanks for the great pics... I was actually looking for a pic of the red sunnies. I really love those! (Ehm, both red sunnies :)

Nini said...

Why don't you do a special on Nicole's sunnies? I was an addict way before I noticed Nicole is a sunnies addict too... she fueled my addiction even further. I even own a couple of sunnies, she owns too.

Anonymous said...

Nicole is very beautiful !
love her red sunglasses !