Friday 4 March 2011

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie shopping in Paris

Nicole Richie was spotted hitting up the designer stores in Paris this afternoon (4th March)

Nicole Richie wore her favourite vintage leopard print coat over an on-trend cream shirt, black Jet by John Eshaya jeans and she completed the look with Louboutin boots and Tom Ford fedora.


Img source - popsugar.


Anonymous said...

I love Nicole and her fashion sense, but when in the world does she spend time with her children??
This is the second time she has been in Paris without them in how long? Not to mention she was just in London a matter of weeks ago, and then New York. This woman has two children. It is not a necessity for her to be going to fashion shows and shopping for the latest high fashion in Paris yet again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. do you have kids? You're life doesn't end when you have children. It is fashion week and you don't know if she is talking to them every day on webcam or not.

Jen said...

I agree, shes obviously making a ton of money, she should be able to at least bring her kids with her, even a nanny if she absolutely needs it!

Anna said...

i read that the kids are with Joel on tour. i saw a pic about Joel and Harlow on LAX this week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think her life needs to end, but she seems to be away jetting around the world to shop more than she is with them. And really, webcam isn't the same as spending time with them. If Joel is also away on tour, who is taking care of them? I know her mom helps but I am willing to bet the kids see a lot of their nannies.


Nicole Richie is working in Paris, how many people take their kids to work?
Also as I stated in a previous post Nicole's kids boarded a plane with Joel earlier this week so they are with their Dad.

Nicole Richie Source said...

totally agree with NRN here.
if you go to good-charlote state you can clearly see the kids having a good time with joel and Benji. Joel has been on tour for a while now so Nicole has been looking after those kids by herself for quite awhile.