Monday 7 March 2011

Nicole Richie attends Givenchy RTW A/W11 show

Nicole Richie rocked a figure hugging leather dress at the A/W11 Givenchy show in Paris yesterday (6th March).

I have no idea why Nicole's dress looks black and also brown in other pictures..

Nicole Richie looked fierce in a Givenchy leather dress, Louboutin snakeskin heels and carrying a Givenchy purse.

I love how Nicole can carry off the topknot not many people can but she is one of the few who work it!


Img source - tfs


Nini said...

The dress is incredible... but her hair and make up was not her best. The bun looks too tight and the tan makes her face look shiny and somehow fake. :(

I really love Nicole and her style, but even the best fail from time to time

Jasmine said...

That dress is awful! Its so tight you can see her nipples. And her hair is so tight it looks like she got a face lift. She usually has AMAZING style. Lately its gone down the drain.

Anonymous said...

agree, Jasmine! her fashion choices are a little bit weird in the past few months.
actually i love the dress, but her boobs are so weird on these pictures. and the fake tan also.

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing that bothers me about this look is her eye makeup. With such a dark dress she shouldn't go so heavy on the eyes. But she looks great in the dress

Nicole Richie Source said...

Wow I totally disagree with all the above comments. I think her style lately is amazing and I love this look too!

Don't forget she is in paris for fashion week so she has to stand out,not blend in.


melfromoz said...

Not one of her best looks. Nic always mentions she can't do her own make up so possibly she doesn't have her glam squad with her. Always loved those heels, the dress is ok...sqeezing the boobs though. I still love her! She is looking like a hot mumma!


I think Nicole's fashion in Paris has been fashion forward & I love it! She provokes responses like this which i love! Some love the looks..some hate the looks but it get's people talking. Personally my favourite look was the red leather jacket outfit. xo

Anonymous said...

i'm just saying that her dresses in the past few months are not the best ones. she's pretty and i love her style. you're right: some love the looks, some hate the looks.

my fav was the black outfit with that AMAZING blouse :)

Jasmine said...

@NICOLE RICHIE NEWS - I highly doubt nicole is trying to provoke people to comment against her style. That would be the most immature reason to dress the way shes been, and shes not her old immature self - She has class and TRIES to dress accordingly, and USUALLY does in her own classy way.

Nini said...

@ Nicole Richie Source:
I don't have in mind every day fashion by commenting on her look. But judging from the pics its not her best look... its the little details. The shine on her face and her dark roots don't compliment her.
Maybe its just the lighting... Her outfit from her shopping trip on 03/04 ist just perfect, but the pictures almost look like fashion shots.


@Jasmine oh no I mean her outfit is pushing her usual boundaries so it gets people talking especially in fashion magazines which is good for publicity. I don't think Nicole would want people to speak bad of her fashion choice but because it is out of her usual norm it can happen. Xo