Monday 13 December 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie post wedding

Nicole Richie was snapped yesterday (12th December) just a day after her wedding out and about in Los Angeles.
Nicole was dressed casually in black leggings, black tee, black leather, printed scart, beanie hat, black uggs and aviator sunglasses.

I am never a fan of Uggs, but Nicole Richie works them well.


Img source -popsugar.

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Nini said...

She looks sooo happy... it even looks like she's dancing her way through the streets.

:) Who would have thought she would be a happy married woman by the end of 2010, with two adorable kids, a wonderful husband and dad to her kids back in 2003 when the first episode of The Simple Life aired.

Congrats to Nicole for finding her way and being happy about it!