Thursday 9 December 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie in Beverly Hills

Nicole Richie was spotted in Beverly Hills (9th December) leaving her car in an asymmetrical dress, denim jacket, Givenchy heels, vintage Chanel bag and Pressed Juicery cleanisng juice in hand. Nicole left her car and entered a house - who's house it is i'm not sure!

Check out the video & pictures below :

The gossip is everywhere surrounding Nicole Richie's forthcoming wedding, it is highly speculated that the wedding may be happening this weekend, Exciting !!!



Anonymous said...

i just realized the DJ AM and Nicole's engagement party was in lionel's house as well. do you have the pictures, i wanna see what the it looked like then!!

Anonymous said...

I totally think her wedding will be this weekend on 12/11/10. Totally fitting of Nicole I bet!

Anonymous said...

Is she sponsored by that juice company? Always carrying a juice around with her.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress Nicole is wearing, any chance you miht be able to ID it? I want one!! And where can I find her cut out booties, they're on my christmas list :)