Monday 20 September 2010

Nicole Richie parties in Mexico

Nicole Richie was spotted enjoying herself in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with friends Christina Aguilera, Simone Harouche, Samantha Ronson and others.
I never had Nicole Richie down as a smoker!
On a fashion note, I noticed she is wearing her fab House Of Harlow ring from the fall collection which is mentioned in her WhoWhatWear article.
Nicole Richie is wearing a lace rabbit ear headpiece by Maison Michel.

According to sources Nicole and friends are in Mexico to celebrate Nicole Richie's Birthday which is tomorrow!

I hope they are all having a great time.


Img source - popsugar & ontd.


Sabine said...

It kinda looks like a bachelorette party. Just saying!

Nini said...

@ Sabine
OMG... you could be right.

I' somewhat shocked seeing Nicole with a cigarette. I knew she smoked while she filmed The Simple Life. But i thought she dropped that as she was never photographed with a cig after that time...

Anonymous said...

I agree. it looks like a bachelorette party. especially considering Joel is at home with the kids. why would he not go if it was to celebrate her birthday?

Anonymous said...

Yeah it def looks like a bachelorette, Joel is not there, and he tweeted he was having a "big night out" saturday night...Bachelor party?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Charlotte & Samantha Ronson, Masha Gordon, Hedi Gores, Katherine Power, Simone Harouche, Christina A, Sarah Madden, Andy L, Kelly Sawyer and Katie Nehra are all there. It def looks like a bachelorette party to me - maybe she has tried to throw off the press by doing it at the same time as her they don't think the wedding is soon.
This sounds weird but I always thought she would get married with her long blond hair!

111 said...

Nicole, please don't smoke!!! :{