Wednesday 22 September 2010

25 facts about Miss Richie

Nicole Richie has revealed 25 interesting facts about herself to

Nicole Richie, 29, (whose second novel, Priceless, comes out Sept. 28. She also guest stars on NBC's Chuck Oct. 4.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her

1. I'm never late. I like to be 15 minutes early.

2. I have been in five music videos.

3. I figure-skated growing up. I trained eight hours a day and competed nationally.

4. I speak Russian. My best friend Masha's family taught me when I was 17.

5. I love rain.

6. I naturally have very curly hair. It's been a lifelong insecurity of mine, so I now have a Brazilian blow-dry.

7. I wake up between 5:30 and 6 A.M. It's important to have quiet time, so I get up and putz around.

8. I love anything and everything Disney.

9. My dad [Lionel] wrote the song "Ballerina Girl" for me.

10. I like going out to eat alone.

11. I'm adopted and met my parents while I played tambourine on stage with Prince at age 2.

12. I either do something 110 percent or not at all. I have a strong work ethic instilled by my parents.

13. Every season, I do a thorough cleaning of my closet and donate everything I take out to charity.

14. I don't know how to do my makeup. I don't even own any.

15. I'm obsessed with making lists.

16. I have a healthy household. I'm very conscious about what goes into mine and my family's bodies.

17. I'm a die-hard Britney Spears fan.

18. I've played piano since I was 3.

19. My parents call me Nikki; I hate it.

20. I wish I was a hip-hop dancer.

21. I'm not a good bike rider. The term "just like riding a bike" doesn't apply.

22. I have never cursed in front of my parents. They're Southern.

23. I swallowed a ring to get out of a seventh grade class.

24. [Fiance] Joel [Madden] and I created the Richie Madden Children's Foundation to teach our kids about giving back.

25. I can't resist Taco Bell.

I am really interested in Nicole Richie's 13th fact - i'd love to go to that charity sale!!




Sabine said...

You have to find out what charity that is that she donates to! With more publicity, it may raise more money!

rachael said...

what are all the film clips she has been in?

rosa said...

a few of those are definetly lies