Wednesday 23 June 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie heading to traffic school

Now I know we have all heard the latest hype around Nicole Richie and her probation being extended until March 2011 and now here are the latest pictures of Nicole Richie arriving to her traffic school class in Van Nuys (23rd June) but what I am more interested in is the fact that Nicole is wearing a scarf in LA and it is the end of June.

Is LA really that cold at this time of year!?
I hope it warms up when I get out there!

Nicole Richie is wearing the 'Grace' tunic from her Winter Kate collection under her denim jacket.

Img Source - celebrity-gossip.


Anonymous said...

oh she already wore that kind of outfit earlier in may....i'm pretty sure it's her camouflage clothes to hide a new pregnancy! Moreover, it's 26°C in LA these days...

Mynoline said...

i wonder if her shoes are her collection HOH 1960.