Tuesday 22 June 2010

Nicole Richie helps the Disaster in the Gulf

Nicole Richie amongst many other celebs appeared on Larry King's special television episode 'Disaster in the Gulf : How you can help'

The celebrities helped by answering the busy telephone lines during the two hour telethon special.

Nicole Richie & Pete Wentz : Donate their time to help raise money to aid the recovery of the aftermath of the disaster in the Gulf.

Larry King's show raised over $1 Million and this will be sent to the United Way, The National Wildlife Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.


Img Source - Celebrity-Gossip


Anonymous said...

um...does pete wentz have like a thing for nicole richie? he seems to always be doing things involving her, and one of the pics clearly shows that hes attracted to her.

Anonymous said...

yeah i noticed that too. Love that nicole is always helping with these sort of things! more celebrites need to quit their party lives,(example-paris hilton, lindsay lohan)its time for them to just grow up and act their age, and do stuff like this!