Sunday 20 June 2010

The adventures of Nicole & Molly

Nicole Richie recently ran a competition through her website in which one lucky fan got to spend the day with Nicole herself and that lucky fan was Molly Silver!

Nicole gave Molly a taster of her life and took her to the Beyond Shelter where she has done a lot of charity work, then to an itinerary meeting with Nicole's publicist Nicole Perna and their final stop Starbucks.

Check out the video diary of their day below.


Anonymous said...

It's basically a Starbucks advert! A bit fake, especially the part in the meeting when Nicole reacts to the drink!!

olyvia said...


Nicole Richie Source said...

:( I agree it seemed so staged and fake.
However in between that it was so amazing to hear Nicole talk about her charity work, and when she was discussing plane games I just felt like I was watching simple life three all over again and she was at a new job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,

Do you happen to know what the winning comment was? I would like to know what won Nicole over!


I don't know but if you scroll through all the comments on the competition you might find it, im going to look now. xo


@Anon I've found Molly's competition entry and message to Nicole :

"My name is Molly and I have been in LA for 4 years pursuing my dreams. I have had a few set backs in life (medically), but with that said I have had a lot of good come from the hard times. I am a busy lady, trying to get my career up and going. I have lots of things I want to do in this life and I am trying to learn to do it all one thing at a time. I am a fun out going gal from TN. I love my dog, my boyfriend, and life in general. I am a boho-chic girl who loves to laugh and be silly… I guess that is one of many reasons I am out here acting. Anywho I feel that we would have a fun day together and I hope I get that awesome opportunity. Have a wonderful day!

Ciao Xo~
PS. Happy Belated Mother’s Day"