Monday 17 May 2010

Winter Kate Fall 2010 preview

Here is another sneak peek at Nicole Richie's Fall 2010 collection of Winter Kate.

Nicole will also be adding coats to her Winter Kate line.

The white coat featured above will also be available in red, it's very similar to a red coat which Nicole wore back in 2009.

To see more previews of the Fall 2010 collection of Winter Kate click here, here and here.


Img Source - The Tailor.


Nicole Richie Source said...

I really hope that white trench comes out in red!

Anonymous said...

she said in an interview that when she decided to really "go into designing" (i'm not sure it's the way you say it in good english lol)she get her main ideas from her own clothes (for exemple, one of her top is very silmilar to that one > )


yes you are right the meadow cami is very similar to that top.