Wednesday 12 May 2010

Winter Kate Fall 2010 on The Morning Show

Here is some exciting news for the lucky Nicole Richie and Winter Kate fans in Australia, the Winter Kate Fall 2010 collection will debut in Australia on before it hits the US stores.

Melissa Hoyer presented the Winter Kate collection with a preview of a selection of designs from the Fall 2010 collection on the Australian programme The Morning Show.

Click Here to see the Winter Kate Fall 2010 collection on The Morning Show.

I did notice that Melissa Hoyer said that Nicole had worn the Victoire dress to a red carpet event. - I do find that questionable as the picture they shown of Nicole wearing the dress is from 2006!

What is your favourite design from the Fall 2010 Winter Kate collection ?

My favourite piece is the Winter Kate 'Dixie' dress, definetly my style! And how cute are the velvet Winter Kate 'Saxon' shorts.



Stacie said...

I am so annoyed I missed this! I live in Australia and didn't know it was going to be on.

The silly thing is, yes Australia is lucky enough to get the pieces before the US, but it A LOT cheaper to wait and purchase them from the US stockists.

The Australian prices are a complete rip off. The Harlow Leather Jacket that I am dying to get is about $300 dearer to buy in Australia, than it is to have it shipped from overseas.

I'll just be patient and wait for the pieces to go on sale in the US instead

Nicole Richie Source said...

bwahahha I love that we get it earlier here in Australia, thanks Nicole!!
except its winter right now :s

olyvia said...

i like the victoire dress!!! sooo lovely!!!
but i live in italy, i can't have none of them... so sad