Tuesday 9 March 2010

Screencaps of Nicole Richie on the Ellen Degeneres show

Nicole Richie was on the Ellen Degeneres show today, I don't yet have a recording but I do have some screencaps to share. I think Nicole's hair looked great on the show, I do miss her blonde locks but it does look great here.

Nicole Richie wore the Damien Dress from her Winter Kate collection.

Ellen got Nicole Richie to rap on the show Click Here to see the video it's hilarious!

Full video of Nicole Richie on the Ellen Degeneres show coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Did Nicole lighten her hair or is that just the lighting? It looks pretty but I also love it really dark on her. : )

MRC said...

Hi Belinda! I'm trying to pre-order winter kate in shop the trend boutique. I don't know which shipping method should I choose. Have you ever bought there? I'm from Spain, I guess that will be the same as in uk. Thank you!

Crystal said...

I think Nicole looks beautiful also with dark hair, but I miss her blonde hair too..


Hi @MRC I don't want to mislead you so because i'm not sure. Contact their customer services.. service@shopthetrendboutique.com Im sure they can help! xo