Monday 1 March 2010

The OPY jacket from Winter Kate

You can now shop the Opy jacket from the Winter Kate collection in both green and purple on mywardrobe.

The Opy bed jacket has a shadow leaf print which give it an oriental feel and it channels Nicole's loves for vintage free moving Kimono's.
Shop 'The Opy' Winter Kate jacket in green here.
Shop 'The Opy' Winter Kate jacket in purple here.

I adore 'The Opy' jacket, it is perfect because it is ready to wear day or evening.


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Anonymous said...

bit xpensive though isnt it? Anyway im more interested in the leather jacket the collection has! The design seems really classical, and something that you could wear season after season. Ive been looking for a good one for ages and i think i may have finally found it! i think they are a bit more value for money than her opy jackets. There is one sellin on ebay which im going to consider!