Friday 19 March 2010

Nicole Richie chats to Le Figaro

When Nicole Richie was in Paris last month she took time to speak to French magazine Le Figaro.
You are now professional stylist?
I always wanted to work in fashion, but I had no time. I promise never to projects if I can not dedicate myself 100%. For many years now that I note the ideas in books. I have dozens now. I waited for the right time and It happened. Of course, I am anxious. But, there has been good responses with this collection.

What can we expect to learn about you from your designs?
I like comfort, but above all I am a simple woman, romantic and very happy.

The press has reported much your turbulent youth. - Myth or reality?
Yes, it's like when you said I was a rebellious daughter. (She smiles.) But I just passed the stages of life like any other woman. The only difference is that in my case, everyone knew. So, obviously, it was seen as something extraordinary.

To read this interview in French head to the source --> Madame Le Figaro.

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