Monday 1 March 2010

Nicole Richie chats about her Fashion Empire & Fashion Loves

Nicole Richie was recently in New York on a promo tour for her fashion lines, House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate. Whilst in NYC Nicole was the guest of honour at a party held at the the Cooper Square Hotel and hosted by Rick and Brian Cytrynbaum, co-founders of Modern Vintage and Majestic Mills and her fashion collaborators. They’re feting the spring ’10 launches of Richie’s House of Harlow footwear collection and Winter Kate apparel line.

Nicole Richie was dressed in black platform House of Harlow booties, dark leggings and a long, silk Winter Kate cardigan with a colorful peacock-feather print.Click Here to read Women's Wear Daily fantastic four page article with Nicole Richie chatting about her fashion empire and future plans for her brand.

Here is a selected few highlights from the WWD article with Nicole Richie.

Nicole On...
Her fashion icon: “I know it’s obvious, but Karl Lagerfeld. He’s an extremely smart businessman, so nice and really knows what he’s talking about. He’s someone to look up to 100 percent. ... [He] can say something that’s so genius regarding fashion but that also has a really funny, sarcastic undertone. ... Just being in the room with him is an honor.”

Nicole Richie pictured in her design studio in Los Angeles.

Finding inspiration: “I travel so much, and it’s more just from being out there that I really find most of my ideas."

FiancĂ© Joel Madden’s favorite brands: “[Men’s fashion] is such a different world and something I know nothing about. If I said ‘Vans,’ he’d probably be like, ‘No, no. It’s Nike.’ So, it’s better not to even to go there.”
A zebra print shoe from Nicole's House of Harlow Spring 2010 collection.

Hosting a fashion-related reality show:“Heidi [Klum] has got a great thing going on, and she’s clearly on top in that world. I really don’t see where another show could fill that space.”

Nicole looked to this vintage peacock print shawl for inspiration when designing her Winter Kate collection.

Her favorite shops:“Decades, Resurrection and Satine [in Los Angeles] are great, but I really like shopping all over [the world].”
Nicole drew ideas from the classic Native American style when designing the Moccasin shoes for her House of Harlow collection.

Embracing past fashion faux pas:“I love to look at old pictures, make fun of myself and say, ‘How embarrassing was this? How embarrassing was that?’ It’s fun and part of looking back at who you were.”

Such a great article, credit to for the images.


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