Sunday 28 February 2010

Nicole Richie's article in Fashion Magazine

Nicole Richie is the cover girl of the March 2010 issue of Fashion Magazine.
Here is the article from Fashion magazine with Nicole Richie.

Designing Woman


Richie had just started leaving the house again after a nasty bout with pneumonia last December, when an unwitting stranger gave her an early Christmas present.

"I was at a store, and someone there had on one of my House of Harlow pieces," says Richie, referring to the retro-influenced costume jewellery line she launched in 2008. " I got so excited." Did she approach the person and say, "Hey, I designed that"?

"No, I'd be embarrassed," she insists. "But I feel like a little girl when that happens. I can't believe that people love what I'm working on."

This spring, the 28-year-old adds shoes to the mix under her House of Harlow 1960 label, and she's also launching a clothing line called Winter Kate (both available at Holt Renfrew). "Everything is very light, flowy and easy to throw on," Richie says of Winter Kate, which includes vintage-inspired slip dresses, romantic camisoles and marble-print kimono tops. "I always dress for comfort, especially in the heat. You don't want to feel like you're wearing anything at all."

Richie's partner in the venture is Majestic Mills, a textile and design company based in Montreal. "My favorite part is when I start to see samples," she says. " Every time, there's a part of me that's in shock that I had this idea, I gave it to someone, we went back and forth, and then all of a sudden, it becomes real."

Don't let the girlish giddiness fool you. Richie definitely did her homework, coming to the design table with a lifetime's worth of ideas, and books full of magazine tear sheets she had collected. "It was easy to come prepared because I've been doing it so long," explains Richie, who experienced her first professional fittings at the tender age of three, when the designer who created the tour wardrobe for her father, Lionel Richie, fashioned matching outfits out of extra fabric for her. "One was, like, gold pants, a gold blazer with shoulder pads, and gold boots," she says, giggling at the memory.

Harlow Winter Kate Madden, Richie's two-year-old daughter with Good Charlotte's frontman Joel Madden, seems to be following in Mom's fashion footsteps, with a bit of Dad's showmanship thrown in for good measure. "She always wants to dress up and put on a concert," reports Richie. Last September, Harlow got a baby brother, Sparrow James Midnight Madden. "He's just now getting a little personality," says Richie. "We just cuddle all the time, and it constantly puts a smile on my face."

Together for three years, Richie and Madden are unmarried. Would she like that to change? "One day, yeah, of course, " says Richie, who launched The Richie-Madden Children's Foundation with Madden in 2007. "Joel's great, especially this last year, with me not feeling so well - he really kind of took it on. He's the best dad ever."

Richie's clear-eyed confidence and devotion to family are a complete turnaround, it seems, from the tabloid taunting wild child we first got to know as Paris Hilton's wisecracking BFF in the 2003-2007 reality show The Simple Life. These days, Richie says she'd rather stay home and watch Oxygen's The Bad Girls Club, her current guilty pleasure, than go out and be a bad girl herself. Besides, she's got too much on her plate. In addition to working on her fashion and jewellery lines, she's set to pen a follow-up to her 2005 novel, The Truth About Diamonds, and she's just inked a deal to develop and star in a sitcom pilot for ABC based on her own idea. Richie, who has guest-starred on shows such as Six Feet Under, Chuck and 8 Simple Rules, explains: "The show is focused on how women deal with other women, and also how they deal with their position in this world right now."

As for her own position in the world right now, Richie is as blissful as she is busy. "I'm extremely happy," she says. "I'm doing everything that I want to do. I really look forward to waking up with my kids every morning, and I miss them when they're asleep at night. I just feel really, really blessed."

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