Wednesday 6 January 2010

Who Wore it Best: The round 'Chanel Paris' shades

Nicole Richie was recently spotted wearing a round pair of white Chanel shades which were very John Lennon esque.
Mary Kate Olsen was also spotted wearing these same round 'Chanel Paris' sunglasses in 2008 but in black.
These are definetly fashion forward frames and I think round framed sunglasses take a particular face shape to pull them off but in my opinion both Nicole and Mary Kate work them well, MK is known for wearing round John Lennon-esque frames and Nicole Richie is known for being the sunglass queen and setting the pace for the shades we will be wearing come the summer months.


Anonymous said...

I think they probably would look better on Nicole if she didn't tuck her bangs into her sunglasses.

nourahshing said...

I actually have been looking everywhere for the ones MK is wearing - do you know of a site where I can order them online? Thanks!