Sunday 3 January 2010

Where did Nicole Richie's auctioned dresses go ...

You may remember back in August 2009 Nicole Richie auctioned some of her dresses on Ebay to raise money for The Richie Madden Children's foundation.

This started a bidding war .. Everyone wanted a piece of Nicole Richie's closet.
...But who was lucky enough to win a piece of Nicole Richie's closet ?
Megan won not one item but two!
Megan won Nicole Richie's yellow tunic dress and vintage red dress.

It is good to see Nicole Richie's stunning pieces went to another fabulous closet!



Amy-Rose said...

I was lucky enough to win 2 dresses at the charity auction, the top shop kate moss poppy dress, and the navy jeau allue floor length dress, I love them, i wore 1 to a friends wedding 2 months ago, looked awesome, i will try to post some pics :)


Oo your soo lucky that would be amazing if you could share pics! xo