Thursday 7 January 2010

Nicole Richie wears Winter Kate

Nicole Richie was spotted last year wearing a cute Ivory waist jacket. This top is actually designed by Nicole Richie herself for her clothing collection Winter Kate!

You can pre order this top at in Ivory for $160.

It is getting exciting this is the first Winter Kate piece available to buy, I can not wait for the bed jackets to arrive!


Anonymous said...

I believe the Winter Kate item for sale on SInger22 is actually the vest she's wearing, not the top. Cant wait for the entire collection to arrive!

Anonymous said...

it's the vest that is for sale!

Megan Desmond. said...

I that slip is that expensive imagine how $$ the jackets will be!! Ahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Also, the vest doesn't ship till May, FYI. Can't wait for the rest, but looks like it's going to be expensive!


Thanks for the correction, my mistake! I was rushing making the blog post this morning. xo