Monday 7 December 2009

Everyone wants to raid Nicole Richie's closet

According to a poll by x17online Nicole Richie's closet is the most desired celebrity closet. Nicole Richie came #1 on the 'celebrity closet you want to raid'
Second was Victoria Beckham
Third was Gwen Stefani
Fourth Was Lindsay Lohan (?!) - I don't think her 2009 style has been oh so great.

So proud of Nicole beating Mrs Beckham, i think Victoria's style is way overrated and too polished.

This got me thinking what is your ultimate 'wanted' piece from Nicole Richie's closet??

To see the entire poll results click here.

Nicole and Joel's daughter Harlow Madden came second to Shiloh Pitt in the 'Celeb kid who could melt your heart'.


1 comment:

Kat said...

of course! she dresses REAL! i feel i could wear her clothes! <3 <3