Wednesday 11 November 2009

Nicole Richie's latest installment of Twitter top 10!

Nicole Richie has answered some more fan questions on Twitter.@nicolerichie Favourite TV show?
right now? Greys Anatomy.

@nicolerichie Do u have a nanny when ur sick?? I'm jealous. I have two kids under 2 and NO NANNY!!
I am lucky to have my mom

@nicolerichie although I'm not pregnant I really liked your clothes. Are you going to be doing any for non pregnant girls?

@Nicolerichie what are your favourite baby toys/products?
Melissa & Doug and haba wooden toys.

@nicolerichie do you love it?
LOVE it!

@nicolerichie Are you a Lady GaGa fan??
yes I think she is one of the most talented artists out there. Her piano playing is genius.

@nicolerichie favourite thing to bake for harlow?
I dont know how to bake.

@nicolerichie what's ur favourite hair color on yourself?
dark brown. But it gets depressing after a while because I wear a lot of black.

@nicolerichie What do you fear the most?
public speaking.

@nicolerichie Favourite scenic drive in Cali?
Mulholland Drive.


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