Tuesday 3 November 2009

Nicole Richie spotted out and about

Just came across this picture of Nicole Richie on Star magazaine's website, the article was about Nicole having a ring on her wedding finger. That is not the reason why i'm putting this picture on here!

I don't think that because Nicole is wearing a ring she is married - Both Nicole & Joel stated in their People magazine interview that marriage is not on the cards right now and Joel also said on Twitter that he and Nicole are not married just yet.

I am posting this picture purely because i just love Nicole Richie's all black outfit!

I'm guessing this picture was taken over the Halloween weekend. The Chanel bag is pretty amazing- i've never seen a Chanel like that before - it kind of reminds me of a child's lunch box a CHANEL LUNCHBOX i adore it!



Anonymous said...

im pretty sure that's just a ring her and Joel wear
if you look at the first photo shoot Nicole and Joel did way back with Harlow she is wearing the ring then

love nr source

me1234 said...

Great outfit! Simple, chic, elegant and compfy! Love love looove it!

Not sure about the wedding rumour...I stay with: I only believe what Joel and Nicole anounce by themselfe! But i do hope they´ll marry one day!

Anonymous said...

Look back at pictures of Harlow's People mag debut and you will see the same ring on both Joel and Nicole. Actually Joel is also wearing it right now but around his neck but still, I don't think they would used an old ring to officialize a wedding.

katie t. said...

Back in the people mag interview for harlows debut they stated they wear matching rings to symbolize their commitment to their family. They look like wedding bands but they aren't married.