Friday 2 October 2009

Nicole Richie Wears Lichi Scarf by Anu by Natural

In 2008 Nicole Richie was spotted heading to yoga class wearing a stunning green scarf. This scarf is by 'Anu By Natural' and is known as the Lichi scarf.
It seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere but has it in stock for $89.

Nicole Richie isn't the only fan of scarves by Anu by Natural.
Jessica Alba was spotted wearing an Anu scarf.
Kimberly Stewart also looked fabulous in her Anu By Natural scarf.

Why do the celebs love this scarf?

Anu by Natural scarves signify human rights at work. Supporting human rights and ethical treatment for workers is a vital part of Anu by Natural’s business agenda. Each piece is Certified SA 8000, which is the international standard for improving work conditions worldwide.
Each scarf is hand loomed and dyed through a technique that replicates natural aging without repeated wearing and washings making each style unique and one-of-a-kind.



Anonymous said...

it can be bought for Australian $89 from


Thanks! Ill add it to the blog :)