Friday 2 October 2009

Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba & friends dinner date!

Nicole Richie met up with Jessica Alba, Kelly Sawyer and friends for a dinner date on October 1st in Downtown Los Angeles restaurant Church & state. Nicole Richie and friends were all looking very happy as they chatted and enjoyed their evening.
Nicole Richie recently tweeted - 'RIP Long Locks' this got everyone questioning .. What is Nicole's new hair 'do?!

I have to say I was a little worried because i do love Nicole's tousled hair look.
Yet from the look of these latest candids she hasn't lost too much length, it looks like just a nice length and it is maybe a slighter darker blonde, it looks good!
For the dinner date with friends Nicole wore an oversized white Fluxus style jumper dress, matched with a brown body con skirt matched with an amazing pair of black Christian Louboutin ankle boots.

Although Nicole clearly didn't want to be pictured, she did cover herself with a really pretty red print shawl!


Anonymous said...

i thought she meant she'd cut joel's hair to trim the blonde pieces down. his hair looks shorter lately.

Krissy b said...

Shirt from urban outfitters I believe

Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks great! Incredible how someone can loose all the baby weight in a matter of weeks! I wish I was that lucky...I thought Nicole's hair would of been a bobb, looks good and would be more managable now with 2 babies:)although I do like it longer;0

Anonymous said...

i was at the restaurant that night, and got Jessica Alba's signiture when Nichole Richie got out of the restaurant!