Thursday 24 September 2009

Nicole Richie on The Rachel Zoe Project

In January of 2009 Nicole Richie attended the Byron & Tracey salon opening event.
Rachel Zoe was also in attendance at the event.

So quite obviously all Rachel Zoe & Nicole Richie fans were elated to see the fashionable pair back together. It was nice to see that they had rekindled their friendship. In Rachel Zoe's TV show The Rachel Zoe Project season 2, the cameras also went along to the Byron & Tracey event, therefore the Rachel Zoe - Nicole Richie meeting was recorded on camera for Rachel Zoe's television show.

You can see this video below ..

I love that they are friends again and its nice to see a picture of them together, i just didn't like Rachel's response to the press wanting to take a picture at the event, 'Its like so we're friends, its like why is that a media frenzy. I mean what boring day in the media today.'

Of course the press will want to take a photo of them together, as they hadn't been pictured together in a good while.

I'm sure Rachel would of featured her Nicole encounter in her RZP episode even if the press didn't take a photo.



1 comment:

Krisha said...

in some parts it looks like nicole richie feels awkward or shes ignoring rachel a bit.

i hope they really are friends again and this isnt just show for the media. Because nicole should really appreciate the fact that rachel zoe made her the fashion icon she is today.

i love them both