Wednesday 3 June 2009

How to make your own Tie Dye bag like Nicole Richie's

Nicole Richie is a big fan of her Cammie Hill tie dye bag.
Nicole's Cammie Hill tie dye bag retails around $400.
Therefore whilst it is desirable it isn't totally affordable to everyone. The Style have provided step by step instructions so you can make a Nicole Richie tie dye bag for a fraction of the cost of the original.
What you will need ..
-100% Canvas Cotton White Bag
-Color Dye: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Pink
-Rubber Bands


Step 1 - Pre-wash Canvas Cotton bag in warm water, then ring so that most of the water is gone. The bag should be damp when you begin dyeing it.

Step 2 - Prepare dye, each color in a separate bowl, distilled with a lot of water, as you want the colors to come out pastel and not bright. (I usually test it on a paper towel a few times, until it's the color I want.)

Step 3 - Rubber band sections of the bag in any pattern you like, (twisting them creates a cool effect.)

Step 4 - Begin dipping the rubber-banded sections into different colors. (I like to mix and overlap the colors so that each bag is different.)

Step 5 - Hang dry bags outside in the sunlight until 100% dry.

If you want this bag but don't feel confident enough to make your own you will be happy to know you can purchase these handmade look-a-likes from The Style Rules online shop here for $27! -Bargain!

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Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

aw! such a cute write up! thank you :), btw the flea market is in LA, its on Fairfax and Melrose and its every Sunday from 8-6, I believe. If you google Melrose Trading Post all the info should come up! You should definitely go, there are so many great things!