Tuesday 5 May 2009

Shades fit for Nicole Richie

Everyone knows Nicole Richie is the 'Sunglass queen.'

Nicole is known for wearing the most large and unique sunglasses around and she always wears them so well.

Which is why when i seen this collection of shades by Zanzan i thought of Nicole ..
Zanzan is a stunning new range of limited edition sunglasses designed by Gareth Townshend and Megan Trimble, who took their inspiration from 1960s London, when Maltese gangsters walked with a swagger, looked sharp and turned heads. The G men had a name for the exhilarating feeling of wearing something stylish for the first time - they called it Zanzan.

The Spring/Summer 2009 collection, available from farfetch.com introduces four new designs - Rubirosa, Black Rio, Zazou and Le Sept. Each is limited to 100 pairs in total and is available in a choice of colour combinations.
They are handmade using a combination of the most advanced production techniques available and traditional methods dating back over sixty years they are built to last by people who take pride in their work.

I think these Zanzan shades are stunning and unique, i could totally imagine Nicole Richie wearing these!


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