Tuesday 7 April 2009

Your all time favourite Nicole Richie look?

We all know Nicole Richie is a style icon.
She inspires and influences alot of my choices, she is my muse!

So it got me thinking, what is my all time favourite Nicole Richie Look!?

I think this was a really difficult question and it was such a hard decision to make but i have come to the conclusion my favourite Nicole Richie look is from April 2007 when she was filming The Simple Life 5.
I have adored and wanted this dress for such a long time, i love the print and sheer fabric.
It really suits Nicole and the bold red belt with the gold finishing adds a nice touch.

I was so happy to eventually find out that Nicole Richie bought this dress from the vintage store Decades in Los Angeles
But i was totally unhappy to find out this dress was made by an 'anonymous' designer .. it means i can never have this fabulous dress!
I think this is my all time 'Favourite Nicole Richie look' as i can never have it!

So what is your

Feel free to post links to picture's!



Zoe said...

i can't decide on a favourite look, but this photo from 2005 has always been one of them


love your blog, how exciting that nicole follows you on twitter! X

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm from Italy! ;)I always read your blog and I love it!!! ;) Yes, it's really hard to decide the best Nicole's look!!!!
anyway I think my favourite one is this:
I love this dress!!!!this is something so beautiful!!!!!
as to her hair and make up, this is the best look for Nicole: