Friday 17 April 2009

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie at a photoshoot

On April 16th Nicole Richie was spotted at a photoshoot (as she had also previously Tweeted) in West Hollywood.
Nicole's Blackberry Bold is never far from hand, good to see as she can update us on her activities via Twitterberry!!
Nicole wore a fabulous printed halter maxi dress with a pair of towering Louboutin's.
I really am loving Nicole's hair at the moment with the long fringe/bangs i think i'm going to go the salon this week and ask for this look.

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Crystal said...

Hi to everybody here!! :) I love Nicole's hairs too and also her fringe, anyway I preferred her with the lateral tuft..I think it's the best look for Nicole! ;)Presently I have a fringe too, but I'm looking forword to have it longer because I love the laterla tuft!!! ;)
Anyway I think Nicole is perfect with every kind of look!! ;)