Thursday 19 March 2009

Nicole Richie and Benny Medina: No longer working together

According to the New York post Nicole Richie and her long time manager Benny Medina will no longer be working together ..
Nicole Richie is said to be completely done with her former manager Benny Medina.
Nicole Richie kept Medina associate Michael Baum as her manager and still retained Medina as a "consultant" after he shut down his Handprint Entertainment in January.
But sources tell Page Six that Nicole Richie, fed up with his meddling, and has let Medina go.

Medina, who still works with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, told the Post of Nicole Richie -
"I closed a deal on a clothing line for her but I'm a pay-for-play consultant.
A gun for hire. If something comes across my desk, I'll call, but I'm not holding purses anymore."

This seems like quite sad news to me as for as long as i can remember Benny has been Nicole Richie's manager.
Here are a few pictures of Nicole Richie and Benny Medina from past years ..

I hope they parted on good terms.

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