Friday 13 February 2009

Nicole Richie planning to quit Hollywood..

That is what the magazine Grazia is saying ..
Nicole Richie quits the fame!
During a recent Sunday family dinner at their secluded home high in the Hollywood Hills, Nicole Richie and her boyfriend Joel Madden made an announcement.
They told the assembled relatives they are planning to add to their family in the next few months by adopting a baby sister or brother for their one-year-old daughter Harlow.
But the couple are intending to break with a Hollywood trend by adopting from within the US rather than looking abroad for another child.
They are already in talks with LA based adoption agencies and have also discussed taking on an older child through their work with the Beyond Shelter homeless charity.
The decision is one that is very close to 27-year-old Nicole’s heart as she was adopted by singer Lionel Richie when she was 9, after being brought up by him and his then wife Brenda from the age of 2.
Her biological mother worked as a backstage assistant on Lionel Richie’s world tour although Nicole has denied claims her biological father was a member of Richie’s band.
And adopting a child is not the only life-changing move Nicole has planned for this year.
After spending most of her teenage and adult life in the spotlight, she has decided she no longer wants to be famous for reality shows and magazine interviews and is instead planning to “retire” from public life.
Instead she wants to bring up her children (she and Joel also want to have another biological child) away from the Hollywood party circle. A friend of Nicole’s says: “Nicole really thinks Hollywood is toxic for her. She doesn’t want to slide back into the addictions that almost killed her a few years back and thinks the only way to avoid doing that is to keep away from that whole environment. “She believes addictions can be genetic and with her background of problems she is worried her children are going to be even more susceptible to the temptations around that kind of life.
It’s not that she’s going to become a recluse – she just wants a healthy and happy life for her and her family...” Nicole’s priorities have changed thanks to Joel and Harlow.
This is strictly gossip, i doubt there is any truth in it.
Yet the two main pieces of gossip are always that she is adopting & moving out of LA.
What do you think!?

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